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Taylor Swift Is About to Make a Fortune on Her Era’s Tour

Taylor Swift Is About to Make a Fortune on Her Era's Tour

In early March, pop star Taylor Swift kicked off her highly anticipated six-month stadium tour across the United States. Glendale, Arizona, the tour’s starting point, has been temporarily renamed “Swift City” in honor of the Eras Tour, which features 52 shows across 21 cities and runs through the fall.

Billboard and Forbes predict that The Eras Tour will earn more than $600 million in profits. Her prior tour, titled Reputation, was a huge success, earning $345 million from ticket sales alone. That was an all-time high, surpassing her previous concert tour.

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Online ticket sales had a brief moment of glory. Tickets for The Era’s Tour were extremely difficult to come by thanks to Ticketmaster (LYV) – Get Free Report. Antitrust probes were planned against the firm, but Taylor Swift’s influence over her fans and her widely publicized platform led to the plans.

Taylor Swift is known for her music, her ability to perform, and her loyal fan base. But anyone who calls themselves “Swifty” will tell you that Swift is also known for being very good with money. Swift is known for being a smart real estate investor and has put her money to use in several ways.

Forbes says that Swift’s net worth is between $570 million and $600 million. But after The Eras Tour is over, it might be a good idea to listen to those songs again.

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