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From 10,000 Candidates, Smashing Pumpkins’ next Guitarist is Kiki Wong

From 10,000 Candidates, Smashing Pumpkins' next Guitarist is Kiki Wong

Alternative rock group Smashing Pumpkins has named Kiki Wong, a musician and content producer, as their new guitarist. Chinese and Korean American 35-year-old Wong put her name in a public casting call with 10,000 others.

“With how much amazing guitar playing we were fortunate enough to hear and see over the past few months, it wasn’t an easy decision,” Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan said.
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According to last week’s Instagram statement. “It’s fantastic that someone with Kiki’s skill will be a part of our touring family; I was a fan of hers before she submitted her name to be considered.”

In January, the band announced that 16-year veteran guitarist Jeff Schroeder would be leaving the group. They found Wong after months of searching; she has 1.3 million fans on TikTok from her guitar-playing videos.

“I never thought little ole 15-year-old me playing metal guitar in my bedroom would amount to this moment,” she stated in the Instagram post. “It’s evident that when you’re willing to overcome challenges, put in the necessary work, and stay determined, the rewards will come. So, keep your spirits high and never give up.”

From K-Pop Rock to Mom: Kiki Wong’s Transformation

Formerly, Wong was a part of the American girl group Nylon Pink, which released largely KPOP and metal-inspired songs in the 2010s. She is likewise a new mother, having welcomed Jet into the world in 2023.

Responses to comments were not provided promptly.

Wong revealed in 2021 to the blog AAPI Musicians that her father played traditional Chinese instruments in a band with his siblings. Her Asian American ethnicity affected her music career.

“I hope to see more youthful, up-and-coming AAPI musicians who want to preserve rock ‘n’ roll,” she said.”I hope that by encouraging them to break free from societal expectations and fostering an environment where they can freely express themselves through music without fear of judgment.”

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