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Nissan to Launch 5 New Electrified Cars in Europe by 2027

Nissan to Launch 5 New Electrified Cars in Europe by 2027

According to Nissan, its Sunderland facility will play a pivotal role in its new electric vehicle production strategy, and the company plans to electrify its whole global operation.

From 2013 forward, the North East factory has been the home of the Leaf. The location will be responsible for the production of three electric vehicles, including the next-generation Juke and Leaf.

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Nissan stated that its five new electric vehicles in Europe will include the Leaf and other popular models. The plant has just halted production of the second-generation Leaf to retool for the construction of the new models.

The Micra is one of several known names that have made a comeback as electric automobiles. Nissan and its long-term collaborator Renault are developing a new small electric vehicle to supplant the gasoline-powered supermini. In 2026, Renault will likely release a new Micra that shares a basis with the Renault 5.

Nissan will launch a FlexEVan-based LCV and an all-electric Interstar LCV with Ampere.

Additionally, it plans to introduce its vehicle-to-grid charging systems across Europe. Nissan intends to provide ‘cheap’ home chargers so drivers may feed stored energy back into the grid, and the upcoming generation of its electric vehicles will have AC V2G capability.

Nissan anticipates that 40% of all sales in Europe will be electrified by 2026, and the company intends to develop the third generation of its e-Power hybrid technology alongside the all-electric cars.

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The Japanese company’s new strategy, “The Arc,” incorporates the hastened plan.

Bridging the gap between the previous Nissan Next plan and the longer-term Ambition 2030 ambition, the new strategy for its AMIEO area aims to span Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Oceania. The strategy aims to boost worldwide sales and profitability through a wide-ranging product offensive that includes various models and technologies tailored to certain regions. Cutting-edge technical and production methods and strategic partnerships like the Honda cooperation achieve these goals.

With The Arc, we have a well-defined plan for the future that prioritizes growth, flexibility, and competitiveness,” stated Guillaume Cartier, chairperson of Nissan AMIEO.

Our AMIEO area is completely on board with our worldwide strategy, and we’re changing gears to improve our products there, push electrification and technology forward, and make the most of our strategic alliances to usher in a new age.

“I am convinced that we will achieve our goals of growth and competitiveness through this all-encompassing plan, which lays the groundwork for Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision.”

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