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Porsche and PUMA Release Two Limited-Edition Sneakers

Porsche and PUMA Release Two Limited-Edition Sneakers

Porsche and PUMA (XETRA:PUM.DE -0.40%), two companies that have worked together for a long time, have released the results of their latest collaboration: two limited edition sneaker collections. The first is for Porsche’s 75th anniversary as a car, and the second is for the 60th anniversary of the iconic 911.

The “Rennsport Reunion 7” collection, which includes the Mirage Sport Tech trainers, seems to be the more current of the two. “Rennsport Reunion 7,” black or white shoes.

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Porsche says that the silhouette tries to capture both the spirit of the racecourse and the style of the city, with details like the Porsche Rennsport Reunion logo on the tongue, the insole, and the box. A classic zigzag flag pattern and vivid red and blue accent colors are towards the heel. The Porsche Design Online Shop and other Porsche Design outlets sell the “Rennsport Reunion 7” Mirages for $150 USD.

In collection two, the car company looks at both the past and the future of its famous 911 model. The “Retro” pair draws inspiration from the Porsche 911 S 2.5 from 1972, while the “Heritage” pair draws inspiration from the most recent 911 S/T from the automaker.

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Porsche 911 Sneakers: A Timeless Classic for Your Feet

The “Retro” type stands out because it has a light blue suede finish that matches the original color of the 911 S from 1972. It also has the starting number 56 on the heel. The “Retro” is limited to only 1,972 pairs, and it has a leather flap that shows how rare it is and what number it is in.

The “Heritage” trainer, which took inspiration from the car, has a sporty grey leather shape with hints of cognac-brown lining. The trainers have ‘Porsche’ stamped across the back and the number 63, which is the birth year of the Porsche 911, on the back of the heel.

Under the tongue of each shoe, which has the same pattern as the car seats, is a number that is unique to that sneaker. Both types have red laces for the left shoe and black laces for the right shoe, and they come with an extra set of each color. The shoe’s package matches its color, with grill badges and start numbers that stand out. The “Heritage” pair is unique because it has a handle that can be removed.

Both pairs will be available on Porsche’s leading online store starting September 6 for $160 USD each.

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