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Ryan Reynolds Trademarks the Name Wrexham to Establish a Global Brand

Ryan Reynolds Trademarks the Name Wrexham to Establish a Global Brand

To help spread the name of the Welsh club around the world, Ryan Reynolds has trademarked many Wrexham logos.

The actor from ‘The Adam Project’, who bought the football team in 2020 with his friend Rob McElhenney, has trademarked ‘Wrexham FC 1864’ and ‘Wrexham is the Name’ in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively; a trademark application for ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ is pending in the United States and Canada.’

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The R.R. McReynolds Company, the club’s owner, has asked to use the team’s name and logo to sell apparel, toys, games, and sporting goods, as well as “entertainment services.”

Season two of the FX documentary series “Welcome to Wrexham” is now in production. The first season debuted back in August.

The celebrity co-owners have publicly stated their intention to make the squad a “global force.”

The Post has attempted to contact Reynolds (now 46) and Wrexham AFC for comment.

Reynolds is competing with other investors to buy the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators.

Vancouverite Stated

The Vancouverite stated, “It’s very expensive,” in the chilly season. I’m looking for a business associate who can help me out financially. When several people join together to acquire a business, they are said to have formed a “consortium.” It’s just a more refined way of saying “I’m looking for a rich parent.”

And it would appear that he did. He’s joined forces with the Remington Group, an Ontario-based property development firm. They are in the running, but it’s uncertain when the transaction will take place.

However, not everything in the Reynolds household is strictly business. Actress Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife, greatly approves of his endeavors and is fond of poking fun at him.

The 35-year-old “Gossip Girl” star said in January that she paid for ESPN+ so she could watch her boyfriend experience “crippling anxiety” during a match between Wrexham AFC and Sheffield United and that the subscription was “worth it.”

A video of her telling a Wrexham supporter to “leave” her partner went viral in March.

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