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Priced at $100 Per Room, Ikea’s New Virtual Interior Design Service is Available Now

Priced at $100 Per Room, Ikea's New Virtual Interior Design Service is Available Now

IKEA, the largest furniture retailer in the world, is launching an interior design program to provide clients direct access to professional interior IKEA designers who can help them with everything from space planning to final product selection. The latest news from IKEA U.S. is the introduction of an online interior design service that will provide different types of help depending on the size and purpose of the room, all for a reasonable charge.

The 100 $ Online Home Decorator

Abbey Stark, who oversees interior design in the United States, said, “We are delighted to roll out the new IKEA Interior Design Service program, as we know design is an important part of the shopping experience. Our mission is to facilitate the realization of people’s ideal living and working environments.

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Stark elaborated by saying that this program was fantastic because it would allow “our well-versed, creative, and talented interior designers to continue to build meaningful relationships and mutual trust with our customers as we provide beautifully designed and affordable solutions to improve our customers’ homes and businesses at an affordable price.”

Interior design consultations are now available for $25, full room redesigns cost $90, and services for commercial spaces start at $125.

This is a brilliant strategic move on the part of the corporation, as not only will the designs be turned into sales, but the addition of services to the company’s already substantial product line will bring in more revenue.

What is in this service?

In order to use the service, customers will need to fill out a booking questionnaire in which they will detail their desired aesthetic for the room. In addition to providing the dimensions of the space, customers will be asked to provide images of the area.

An experienced interior designer will be given this information and will meet with the client virtually over the course of two or three video conversations to discuss and design the space to the client’s specifications.

Depending on the service purchased, customers will also receive a complete shopping list, mood board, 2D floor plan, detailed wall elevation and lighting, and wall and floor suggestions.

Customers would then be expected to make purchases, at which point IKEA will work with TaskRabbit to arrange for delivery of the furniture and any further services, such as assembly, that may be required.

Since everyone has become so proficient with video conferencing in the wake of the epidemic, Ikea’s new design-a-room service is a logical extension of this trend.

A single design can take as long as four weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the task at hand and the designer’s schedule. One unique aspect of the service is that it will be possible to make use of preexisting furniture while still benefiting from the designer’s expert input.

Easing Customers’ Pains

For years, IKEA has offered a kitchen design consulting service for a low fee of $39 for up to two hours of planning or $199 for three hours in your own home; this new program appears to be an improvement on that service.

It is expected that the Interior Design Service will greatly improve the overall shopping experience for IKEA customers, which may lead to an increase in customer loyalty and sales.

When Ikea Canada debuted its Design Studios in Ontario and Quebec in 2021, it was met with similar success. The studios were specialized shops in the heart of major cities that offered individualized layouts and design services.

Forrester Research claims that the Ikea Canada studios were a smashing success, leading to higher sales and happier customers.

IKEA’s position in Forrester’s 2022 Canada Retailers Customer Experience Index jumped an astonishing 10 places as a result.

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