Roblox Hired Apple Executive John Stauffer

Roblox hired Apple executive John Stauffer

With the departure of John Stauffer, who oversaw the Apple company responsible for CarPlay and group FaceTime, the latter two features will now be developed by Roblox.

In the virtual world, Roblox has hired John Stauffer to lead its core engineering team. CTO Daniel Sturman will be his immediate superior.

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Axios claims that Roblox first contacted Stauffer about a year ago. He admitted it took some convincing, but his kids are thrilled at the prospect of helping their dad create Roblox.

“John witnessed Apple’s transformation from a much smaller company to the global powerhouse it is today,” Sturman explained. That’s the road we’re shooting for.

John Stauffer put in over 23 years at Apple, the last 14 of which were spent as the head of the company’s Interactive Media Group. They’re the ones who came up with things like AirPlay, Group FaceTime, and CarPlay.

Roblox, which wants its platform to work on as many devices as possible, will greatly benefit from his engineering and leadership experience. A report from June 2021 suggests that the game brought in $1 million in daily revenue for Apple from the App Store, making it one of the company’s top moneymakers.