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Paramount+ Has Renewed ‘Tulsa King’ For a 2nd Season

Paramount+ Has Renewed 'Tulsa King' For a 2nd Season

The mob boss played by Sylvester Stallone is currently residing in Oklahoma’s capital city.

Taylor Sheridan, who made the show Yellowstone, will bring Tulsa King back for a second season on Paramount+.

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After only three episodes have been released on the streaming service, this news comes as a surprise.

The story follows Dwight “The General” Manfredi (Stallone), the head of the New York Mafia, as he moves his business to Tulsa, Oklahoma, soon after getting out of prison. After realizing that his mob family might not have his best interests at heart, Dwight slowly puts together a “crew” of oddballs to help him build a new criminal empire in a place that might as well be on another planet.

In addition to Dana Delany, A.C. Peterson, Garrett Hedlund, and Jay Will, Tulsa King also features Martin Starr, Jay Will, Max Casella, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, and A.C. Peterson.

Sheridan, showrunner Terence Winter, Stallone, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, David Hutkin, Allen Coulter, and Braden Aftergood are the series’ executive producers. It’s a joint effort between MTV’s production arm and 101 Studios.

Tanya Giles, Paramount Streaming’s Chief Programming Officer, said of Tulsa King, “With the combination of the incomparable Sylvester Stallone and Taylor Sheridan’s darkly comedic twist on the beloved mobster genre, we have found our latest hit.” Paramount Global’s ability to reach out to Paramount Network’s massive Yellowstone audience fueled a record-breaking day of subscription sales for Paramount+, as reported by the company.

“We could not be more excited about the success of Tulsa King,” 101 Studios CEO David Glasser said. Sylvester Stallone’s charisma as a draw has helped the show become a hit. We’re excited to get back to work on Season 2 and are grateful to Chris McCarthy and MTV Entertainment Studios for their support.

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