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Russia Puts Mark Zuckerberg’s Owned Meta on a Terrorist Organisation List

Russia Puts Mark Zuckerberg's Owned Meta on a Terrorist Organisation List

Back in March, the Russian government blocked multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

A Moscow court likewise blamed Mark Zuckerberg owned social media platform for radical movements, saying it was permitting social media users in Ukraine to post content advancing brutality against Russia.

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Meta’s lawyers dismissed the charges and explained to the court that their association never participated in radical exercises and was against Russophobia: Reports revealed.

Since Russia’s full scale intrusion on Ukraine back in February 24, 2022, the Kremlin tightened its control on social media. It restricted western social media giants accusing them of promoting violence against Russia. In counter, tech organizations in Europe have demonetized Russian state-supported media and blocked it.

The battle between Russia and Ukraine still shows no indications of a peace settlement.

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