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Tesla Cybertruck Performance Gets Model S Plaid Tri-Motor Drivetrain

Tesla Cybertruck Performance Gets Model S Plaid Tri-Motor Drivetrain

The version with four motors is not going to happen, at least not yet.

Elon Musk’s speed version will utilize the Model X and Model S Plaid’s three-motor system, according to a Tesla Cybertruck driver who requested anonymity. A long Twitter (X) thread by Matthew Donegan-Ryan has made a lot of unconfirmed information public. Some of it is good, but some of it is not.

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The Cybertruck will reportedly have a 240v outlet and three motors that can move in either way. A person who is 5’7″ tall could also lie flat in the trunk, which supports the idea that it is between 6 and 6.5 feet long. According to reports, the tailboard doesn’t have a ramp. This is likely done to save money, but the test driver liked how nice the inside was and how well the car went.

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According to rumors, the Cybertruck may not acquire a unique quad-motor system like the Rivian R1T since it would be too expensive. The vehicle X Plaid can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds, and recent films indicate that the vehicle is capable of incredibly quick acceleration.

Despite the anonymous source’s claims that the Cybertruck will share the same setup as the other Plaid models, we may expect significant modifications due to the truck’s higher voltage architecture.

This would allow for something very different from previous Tesla passenger models and more suited to the needs of a truck, much like the technology presented in the Tesla Semi Truck.

Tesla Cybertruck bed practicality in question, but may be sufficient for most consumers.

The fact that the bed will be sufficiently long is encouraging, but whether or not it will be practical is another matter entirely. Recent reports have indicated that the bed’s compromised edges will cut into the available space, and it appears to be far less stunning in general than the teaser photographs suggested. It’s good to know how functional the bed is, even though most users will just use it for luggage and skis.

The EV’s mass manufacturing begins in 2024, five years after its unveiling, so we may see its full reveal soon.

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