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Tesla Stocks Large Cybertruck Castings, Indicating Production

Tesla Stocks Large Cybertruck Castings, Indicating Production

Tesla is storing a huge number of Cybertruck castings at Gigafactory Texas. This is a sign that production is almost complete, which means that orders will be coming soon as well.

For months now, Tesla has been showing early-stage validation, public road testing, crash tests, and some of the best-built Cybertruck units. This means that production is almost ready to start.

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People have seen RC-labeled (or “release candidate”) Cybertrucks being tested on public roads across the country for the past month and a half, which makes it clear that production is almost complete.

With the latest release of one of the best prototypes to date, Tesla is improving its production methods to get ready for Cybertruck production.

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It is also collecting many Cybertruck front and back castings. This suggests it’s creating automobile parts.

New pictures taken by Giga Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer seem to show that production is pretty much going, especially if you think of these castings as part of the Cybertruck’s initial production.

If this is any sign of how close Tesla is to making the Cybertruck, it looks like the EPA could give the go-ahead for deliveries in the next few weeks. It’s even more interesting that there are so many openings here. This means that Tesla should be able to speed up the Cybertruck program pretty quickly.

The company will try to start making more Cybertrucks as soon as possible so that it can meet the needs of its two million bookings for the pickup, according to the most recent order tracker numbers.

Also, Cybertruck sales will help the car company reach its 2023 goal of delivering 1.8 million units, which was especially important after missing that goal in Q3.


Why is Tesla stockpiling Cybertruck castings?

Tesla is stockpiling Cybertruck castings in preparation for the start of production. This is a common practice for Tesla, as they have done the same with other models, such as the Model 3 and Model Y. The large number of castings suggests that Tesla is confident in the quality of the castings and is ready to ramp up production quickly.

When will Tesla start producing the Cybertruck?

Tesla has not announced an official start date for Cybertruck production, but they have said that they expect to start production in late 2023 or early 2024. The fact that they are stockpiling castings is a good sign that production is imminent.

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