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The iPhone 15 May Launch in Mid-September

The iPhone 15 May Launch in Mid-September

Bloomberg claimed on Monday that Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 will go on sale around September 22.

When Apple releases a new iPhone, millions of people tune in at once to see the accompanying media event. Analysts use the release of new products with improved features as a proxy for how much money customers will spend.

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Bloomberg stated that an Apple event would be held the week prior to the release date, on September 12 or 13.

In its fiscal third-quarter earnings release, the business announced a 2% drop in iPhone sales to $39.67 billion.

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CEO Tim Cook recently told CNBC’s Steve Kovach, “The smartphone industry is tough in the U.S. right now.”

COVID-related production difficulties at Foxconn plants in China severely impacted 2022 holiday sales of the current-generation iPhone 14. It has been reported that Apple is trying to diversify its supply chain across Southeast Asia.

When contacted for comment, Apple did not provide a response right away.

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