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Kardashian’s Private Equity Firm Hires Ahrendts as Advisor

Kardashian's Private Equity Firm Hires Ahrendts as Advisor

Kim Kardashian’s private equity firm, SKKY Partners, has hired Angela Ahrendts as a senior operating advisor.

Ahrendts was formerly Apple’s senior vice president, where she oversaw the company’s efforts to merge its retail and online operations. Before that, Ahrendts was the CEO of Burberry, where she oversaw the brand’s reorganization and brought it into the present day. She was an early adopter of online shopping, and she funded the development of both Burberry’s online and in-store shopping experiences.

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Ahrendts’s previous position was as the company’s executive vice president at Liz Claiborne Inc. She is a member of several boards at the moment, including those of Ralph Lauren and Airbnb.

Jay Sammons, co-founder of SKKY Partners, said, “Angela’s deep understanding of how consumer brands, media, and technology are coming together fits well with SKKY’s strategy and makes her a natural fit for our firm.”

Sammons, a former executive at Carlyle Group, and Kardashian established SKKY Partners in 2022. The fund’s primary objective is to acquire minority stakes in fast-growing media and consumer product firms.


What is SKKY Partners?

Kim Kardashian and Jay Sammons founded SKKY Partners, a private equity firm, in 2022. The firm is focused on making investments in consumer products, e-commerce, media, and entertainment industries. SKKY Partners is currently raising its first fund, which is targeting $500 million in capital commitments.

Who is Angela Ahrendts?

Angela Ahrendts is a former Apple retail executive who is known for her expertise in customer experience and brand building. She was the CEO of Burberry from 2006 to 2014, where she oversaw a period of significant growth and transformation for the company. She then joined Apple in 2014 as senior vice president of retail. In that role, she was responsible for overseeing the design, construction, and operation of Apple’s retail stores. She also played a key role in the development of Apple’s online and mobile retail channels.

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