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The New Synthwave Host on Lofi Girl’s Livestream is Accompanied by a Dog

The New Synthwave Host on Lofi Girl's Livestream is Accompanied by a Dog

The Lofi Girl canon has expanded to include a new character. A person in a purple jumper and a cute puppy sat down in front of a computer earlier on Tuesday after the countdown for the mysterious new Lofi Girl stream concluded and began listening to some fantastic synthwave tunes.

The updated feed is available for listening right now. The Lofi Girl channel’s statement simply refers to the new addition to the broadcast as a “brand new character.” Part of the statement reads, “Get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the new realm of retro-futuristic sounds and join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, exploring the wonders of Synthwave and unraveling the mysteries of the Lofi universe!”

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New Synthwave Avatar

In addition to the original “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to,” there are now two additional streams available on the Lofi Girl channel: “synthwave radio – beats to chill/game to” and “lofi hip hop radio – beats to sleep/chill to.” In fact, this new synthwave avatar resides in close proximity to the original Lofi Girl. The main Lofi Girl feed quickly panned away from the new individual as soon as the countdown finished, returning to the previous person’s room and cat. The distant light from the other channel’s room may be seen in both the old and the new streams.

I’m very into the new synthwave radio station. I’ve already told you how much I enjoy listening to peaceful beats, but another thing I like about the new place is how much it reminds me of where I came from. Although I, too, spend most of my day at a computer, my desk is adorned with a Grogu figurine and a Steam Deck, while the newcomer to the office has a figurine of R2-D2 and an NES controller. Even our beanies are identical, the newcomer and I. My cosplay would be complete with a lava light.

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