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The Taylor Swift Eras Tour presale caused Ticketmaster to crash

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour presale caused Ticketmaster to crash.

Users started reporting problems with Ticketmaster to DownDetector around 9 AM, and the volume peaked at 9:30 AM the following Tuesday. The Taylor Swift Eras Tour verified fan presale started at 10 a.m. Ziff Davis, the parent company of Mashable, owns DownDetector, which led to a rapid rise in Ticketmaster’s popularity on Twitter.

With four new albums and two re-recordings since her last tour in 2018, interest in seeing Taylor Swift live has skyrocketed. It’s common knowledge that purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster has become increasingly challenging.

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After so many computer breakdowns and ticket scalpers boosting prices, it is odd that a better method has not been implemented despite fans being warned on the Ticketmaster website that the seating chart would not reflect availability.

Swifties, or admirers of the pop musician, vented their frustrations on Twitter. More than 2,000 individuals had lined up to get tickets. One tweet speculated that all eight billion people on the planet were ahead of the writer in the Ticketmaster line for a Taylor Swift concert.

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A second tweet stated: Ticketmaster apologized for the problems by saying, “We’re sorry about all the technical issues; this demand was unforeseen.”

The Swifties who weren’t chosen for the Verified Fan presale had it much worse. Fans were either overjoyed to receive presale passes via email from Verified Fan on Monday (Nov. 14) or outraged that they had been neglected.

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