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This iPhone 15 Pro Can Record 3D Spatial Videos for Vision Pro Customers

This iPhone 15 Pro Can Record 3D Spatial Videos for Vision Pro Customers

On Tuesday, during the company’s annual fall event, Apple hinted at a cool new feature for its recently released iPhone 15 Pro series. These phones, with their revamped camera systems and powerful A17 Pro CPUs, will be able to capture 3D spatial video and still images, which will be viewable with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset.

Apple focused on the concept of spatial films and photographs during the Vision Pro’s unveiling. Simply putting on the headset will allow you to relive these events as if you were physically present. If you filmed your daughter’s birthday party in 3D and used the Vision Pro to watch it, you’d feel as if you were right back in the middle of the action.

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However, until recently, the firm had not outlined a straightforward way for customers to create these videos. Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro receives video from the powerful iPhone 15 Pro. The headgear can record these moments, but it will degrade the experience.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the device’s early 2024 availability at the presentation, so you can set aside the $3,500 needed to purchase it. In comparison, the base model of the iPhone 15 Pro costs $1,000. We’ll have a full review of the iPhone 15 Pro up as soon as we can, but in the meantime, Deputy Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low gave us her early impressions from the scene in Cupertino.


What is spatial video?

Spatial video is a type of 3D video that creates a more immersive viewing experience. It does this by tracking the viewer’s head movement and adjusting the video accordingly so that it feels like you’re actually in the scene.

How does the iPhone 15 Pro record spatial video?

The iPhone 15 Pro uses its two rear-facing cameras to record spatial video. Both cameras capture the same scene from somewhat different angles due to their offset. The scene is 3D-represented using this data.

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