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Twitter is Finally Relaunching Twitter Blue

Twitter is finally relaunching Twitter Blue

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for Twitter Blue to relaunch in order to purchase that coveted blue checkmark, your wait is over.

In a tweet yesterday, Twitter stated that Twitter Blue would be re-released the following day, on December 12. Before Twitter Blue came out, the social media company was trying to figure out how to get around Apple’s 30 percent fee on in-app purchases. Twitter has increased its monthly fees to $8 for web users and $11 for iPhone app users in response to this cost.

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If you pay a subscription fee, what do you get in return? Reading mode, the ability to edit tweets, video uploads in 1080p, and, of course, that coveted blue checkmark.

Also, Twitter will review profiles before adding the blue checkmark, and if a user changes their handle, display name, or profile picture, the blue checkmark will be removed and the account will be re-evaluated for Twitter Blue status.

The announcement did not elaborate on what kinds of accounts are not permitted to have a green checkmark.

To counteract doubts about which accounts are legitimate, it will make matters more convoluted. The “Official Account” profile tag is being retired by Twitter in favor of gold and grey checkmarks.

Businesses’ accounts will be denoted with gold checkmarks, while those of the government and multilateral organizations will be denoted with grey ones.

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