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US Mobile POS Space Shaken up With The New PayPal Zettle Terminal

US Mobile POS Space Shaken Up With The New PayPal Zettle Terminal

With a set of features designed to make it an appealing checkout tool for SMBs in particular, PayPal is launching its PayPal Zettle Payment Terminal mobile POS system to U.S. retailers.

According to PayPal; the in-store solution comes with the Zettle point of sale app pre-installed.

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Paypal’s Zettle Payment Terminal

Small businesses will now get an integrated solution that will not only help them accept a range of fast and secure in-person payments, including credit cards, contactless, digital wallets, and PayPal and Venmo QR Codes, but also help them manage sales, inventory, reporting, and payments, all in one place.

Edward Hallett, senior director, SMB Solutions at PayPal called all-in-one mobile point of sale Apple-inspired, “It’s kind of a milestone in the hardware to manage in-person payment interactions.”

Paypal also stated “The seller is free to complete the entire checkout process, from start to finish, wherever the customer is — on the shop floor, by the table, on the terrace, at the point of delivery or anywhere where there’s mobile coverage. Terminal can also include an integrated barcode scanner and can be attached to a dock that has a built-in printer for on-the-spot receipt printing.”

Keeping in mind with competitors like Square and Shopify in mobile POS space, Hallett also stated “There are a few of these on the market, but there are some things about this which are a little bit different. It’s modular, so you can buy the contactless if you don’t want the portable receipt printer and dock. You can buy the thing on its own, which means it’s cheaper.”

$199 will be the cost of the terminal without accessories, like a receipt printer. More features of the Terminal is its preloaded 4G SIM card enabling the device to work even in the absence of in-store Wi-Fi.

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