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VinFast adds US Dealer Franchises as EV Deliveries Lag

As EV deliveries lag, VinFast adds US dealer franchises

Vinfast may be missing its sales goals, according to a recent article, even though the company signed 12 additional U.S. dealerships on Tuesday.

The first new dealership will open later this month, according to the company. Since beginning a shift to a dealer model last year, the company has added 18 franchised dealerships in seven states: North Carolina, New York, Texas, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut, and Kentucky. The biggest electric vehicle market in the country is in California, where the company also operates fifteen stores and service centers.

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In the United States, Vinfast has launched its VF 8 electric SUV. We warned last year after an official first drive of the VF 8 that it doesn’t feel ready just yet, and a preview drive in 2022 confirmed our worst fears.

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VinFast VF 9 Boasts 330-Mile Range But Faces Stiff Competition in Crowded Crossover Market

The upcoming VF 9 SUV boasts an impressive EPA range of 330 miles. When the VF 8 and VF 9 come out, they join a crowded field of crossover options. Vinfast unveiled their one-of-a-kind VF 3 mini-SUV and a new pickup idea at CES 2024. Both may have better success in the American market.

According to The News & Observer, company is shutting down its North Carolina manufacturing facility in a move to reduce its physical presence. Vinfast reportedly isn’t having much luck selling its cars internationally, according to a recent Axios article.

Axios reports that in the first quarter, Vinfast delivered 9,869 vehicles worldwide, falling short of their goal of 100,000 for the year. Vinfast transported 3,118 vehicles to the US, but only 265 were sold by December, according to registration data. But Vinfast informed its shareholders that it intends to finish the North Carolina plant in 2025 and have a yearly capacity to produce 150,000 automobiles.


VinFast adds US Dealer Franchises as EV Deliveries Lag?

VinFast is likely expanding its dealer network in preparation for future growth. Even though deliveries may be behind schedule currently, adding dealerships now allows them to establish a wider presence and be ready to meet future demand.

How many new dealerships are being added?

s of April 24, 2024, VinFast announced the signing of 12 new dealerships in the US.

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