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A Sims Movie Starring Margot Robbie is in Production

A Sims Movie Starring Margot Robbie is in Production

The Hollywood Reporter states that Electronic Arts (EA) virtual life simulation video game The Sims is being turned into a film.

Kate Herron, whose credits include four episodes of Sex Education on Netflix and the first season of the Marvel series Loki, will direct the feature film adaptation of The Sims, widely regarded as the most addictive video game of all time. Along with her writing partner Briony Reman, Herron will also pen the screenplay.

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Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerly, Josey McNamara, and Sophia Kerr are the heads of LuckyChap, the production firm that is producing the film. The development and production of creative works will also be influenced by EA.

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The Hollywood Reporter has recently highlighted the striking similarities between Sims and Barbies. The Barbie doll created by Gerta Gerwig in 2023 was manufactured by LuckyChap. Released in 2000, players have the freedom to take control of an avatar and fully customize their appearance, abilities, and relationships. There are no limits or restrictions imposed by a predetermined plot. Playing The Sims is like playing Barbie in that it lets you lose yourself in the fantastical lives of other people.

Adapting The Sims for the big screen has been tried before. Plans for a live-action version of the show were first mooted in 2007 by Fox. Nonetheless, it lingered in production for more than a decade before finally succumbing to its fate in 2019 after the Disney-Fox merger.

There will likely be a delay in the film’s release.

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