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Adele’s Vegas Show Will Earn $2M Nightly: Sources

Adele's Vegas Show Will Earn $2M Nightly: Sources

The Post has discovered that British chart-topper Adele, who declined an invitation to serenade King Charles at his coronation, has signed the largest deal in Las Vegas history for a prolonged Sin City residency. A source close to the diva and familiar with the calculations told The Post that the “Hello” singer stands to make approximately $2 million for each performance at Caesars Palace.

According to the reports, the multi-Grammy winner will earn a guaranteed $105 million from her 60-show engagement to appear at The Colosseum (the initial run of 26 performances concluded on April 16). The numbers were verified by a third party.

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According to the first person with knowledge of Adele’s contract, this works out to $1.75 million per performance, with a 5% bonus added if ticket sales minus expenses surpass her nightly gain. It is estimated that her take-home income would increase to around $2 million once the new run begins on June 16. Ticket revenues are expected to average $2.5 million after expenses.

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The 4,200-capacity venue’s opening night tickets cost $600

Opening night tickets for the 4,200-capacity venue are going for roughly $600, according to a search of secondary market sites.

Weekend performances will continue through the month of November. The Sun, citing Colosseum officials, reported that not all 24 dates of the initial run of “Weekends with Adele” were sold out.

However, the guaranteed $1.75 million for each show is far higher than the estimated $1.2 million per night from media sources regarding Adele’s residency arrangement. “It’s a record,” remarked both of my reliable sources. Adele and Caesars’s respective spokespeople did not respond to Friday’s inquiries.

Despite King Charles apparently wanting Adele to perform at his coronation on May 7, she was among several major British stars who shunned him. The Beverly Hills, California-based singer-songwriter cited scheduling issues.

Adele’s nightly guarantee exceeds Lady Gaga’s $1.5 million.

The $1.5 million per show that Lady Gaga reportedly made at her residency is surpassed by Adele’s guaranteed nightly salary. The four-year tenure of the “Poker Face” singer at the Park Theatre at Park MGM ended in May of this year.

From 2013 to 2017, Britney Spears reportedly performed 146 times at her Planet Hollywood residency, earning a total of $137 million, or a little over $1 million for each event.

Celine Dion, who performed 1,141 concerts over the course of 14 years and made $681.3 million, is far ahead of Adele in the race to become the highest-earning “Titanic” resident in Las Vegas. Adele delayed the beginning of her residency last year.


Did Adele get a Vegas residency?

After deciding that 34 gigs to an average of 4,000 people per night was “not enough” for her fans, Adele has decided to prolong her Las Vegas residency. When her Weekends With Adele stint at the Colosseum Theatre in Caesars Palace was scheduled to finish, the singer surprised fans by announcing more performances.

How did Adele lose weight?

Adele credits her regular exercise sessions for helping her shed pounds.
According to Vogue, the singer has been working on her weightlifting and circuit training routines for years.

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