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Amazon is Developing a Series About FTX

Amazon Working on a series on FTX

Amazon is reportedly moving forward with a mini-series about the defunct cryptocurrency exchange and its infamous former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, despite the fact that the real-world effects of FTX’s spectacular crash have yet to settle.

The AGBO production company, run by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, is attached to the show, and the Russo brothers are rumored to be considering directing multiple episodes.

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Dave Weil, who helped make Invasion, has reportedly been hired by Amazon to be the executive producer of an eight-part miniseries about Bankman Fried’s role in starting FTX and how he led the company during a liquidity crisis that led to his firing.

Amazon is reportedly interested in hiring several actors who worked with the Russo Brothers when they directed Marvel’s blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War, though no showrunners or casting announcements have been made yet.

The Russo Brothers have been busy since the release of Avengers: Endgame in 2019 with smaller projects at AGBO, such as Netflix’s The Gray Man starring Chris Evans, Apple TV Plus’ Cherry starring Tom Holland, and The Daniels’ Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.

It seems like a drama about a group of young people who take the crypto train to the edge of a cliff would be right up AGBO’s alley. Still, it’s unclear what the Russo Brothers, who are better known for action and superhero films, could possibly bring to such a story.

The Russo Brothers have said that the situation at FTX is begging to be turned into a drama. Amazon Studios CEO Jennifer Salke said that the two were “ideal partners” to “bring this multifaceted story to our global Prime Video audience.”

The Russos said, “It crosses many sectors: celebrity, politics, academia, technology, crime, sex, drugs, and the future of modern finance.” A shadowy figure with murky, potentially harmful motivations sits at the center of it all. Specifically, we’re curious as to why.

Details for the show’s plot are reportedly coming from “insider reporting” by a number of journalists, though Amazon hasn’t said which reporters or publications it’s consulting. Amazon is reportedly planning to start filming the series sometime in the spring of 2023, but no other details have been announced as of yet.

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