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Apple Has Patented An AirPods Case With A Touchscreen

Apple patents new AirPods case with interactive display

Since their initial release in 2016, Apple’s AirPods have undergone a number of improvements. Still, they’re just earbuds that can’t function without an iPhone or other device in close proximity. Apple has patented a redesigned AirPods case that has an interactive display, so that could alter in the future.

In the future, AirPods could stand independently with an accompanying smart case.

According to Patently Apple, Apple has been awarded a patent for an improved version of the AirPods charging case by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. An Apple Watch-style touchscreen display would be integrated into the front of the case. Images and descriptions from the patent suggest that the case’s display might be used for more than just showing the time and date.

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The patent also claims that users can utilize Siri to toggle between applications. One of the pictures even demonstrates how to use Handoff to move music from AirPods to a HomePod.

Apple applied for the patent in September of 2022, suggesting that the firm is likely considering pursuing this line of inquiry internally. Apple certainly files many patents, but only a fraction of them find their way into finished products. It’s still interesting to think about AirPods with a touchscreen UI operating system.

Apple discontinued the iPod for good last year, after more than two decades of production. The business claimed that music continues to be a part of its other offerings, including the iPhone, HomePod, and AirPods. Bringing the iPod back to life in the modern-day might be as simple as updating Apple’s wireless earbuds with some new features.

Alternatively, the cover might be designed to function as an iPhone accessory in its own right. This would let those who don’t have an Apple Watch use their iPhones less frequently by giving them access to basic media controls and other tiny apps.

There have been no rumors of an impending AirPods case change from Apple. It will take some time if the company is serious about fixing the issue.

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