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Apple Releases iPhone 15 Shockingly

Apple Releases iPhone 15 Shockingly

The most controversial feature of the iPhone 15 redesign, from a legal standpoint, will be Apple’s proprietary implementation of USB-C. Fans of the iPhone, however, can be assured that the cameras will be the biggest surprise upon their arrival, thanks to a recent leak.

After much waiting, trusted leaker Unknownz21 claims, “Finally received independent confirmation of this: Periscope lens will be available exclusively on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

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This rumor has been floating around for months, but few people took it seriously because it would anger iPhone purchasers if Apple finally decided to separate the feature set of the 15 Pro and Pro Max. Apart from battery life, the Pro and Pro Max have consistently been on par, with size choice being the primary factor in deciding between the two.

This may soon change with the release of the iPhone 15 series, leaving tiny phone enthusiasts with the unpleasant choice of forgoing the latest and greatest features or upgrading to a device significantly larger than they’d prefer.

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The iPhone Pro Max will add a periscope camera

A periscope camera has been a conspicuous absence from Apple’s iPhone range, but the Pro Max will rectify that. Samsung’s flagship can create up to 100x magnification with increasingly solid results, while competitors like the Galaxy S23 Ultra have gone all in on a combination of periscope lenses and digital zoom.

Apple’s competitors, on the other hand, often only include periscope lenses in their largest phones. Why? Although Apple has repeatedly surmounted space limits with the iPhone Pro in terms of thermal performance and battery life, the iPhone 15 Pro may simply not be able to physically squeeze in the new periscope lens. As a result, it appears like 2023 will be the year that iPhone purchasers must go large to enjoy all the best features.

In addition, the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini demonstrated that there was vocal demand for the smaller handsets, albeit not to the extent that many had predicted. Those who are also interested in the Pros because of their next-generation A17 chip, move to USB-C, and exceptionally thin bezels.

Expect ’15 Pro-ish’ memes to go off the rails if the Pro Max finally achieves feature parity with the iPhone after all these years, given that both the 15 Pro and Pro Max are projected to increase in price.


Is Apple coming out with an iPhone 15?

If Apple sticks to its typical schedule, the iPhone 15 variants will be introduced in September 2023.

What are the major leaks of the iPhone 15?

Despite claims that the iPhone 15’s display will be flat, multiple design leaks imply that the iPhone 15 will bring back the curved form of the iPhone 7. Therefore, the iPhone 15 may feature thinner, rounded bezels across the board.

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