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Extreme E Ends in 2024 as Hydrogen Transitions to Extreme H

Extreme E ends in 2024 as hydrogen transitions to Extreme H.

There were rumors that Extreme E might end because of a switch to hydrogen power, but the title didn’t say for sure that it wouldn’t happen along with Extreme H in 2025.

This week, managing director Ali Russell wrote on the company’s website that holding the first event in the US as the 2024 finale “will be a fitting way to round off Extreme E.”

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Andy Welch, Extreme E’s utility manager, confirmed in the Business Forum at the Autosport International Show on Thursday that the championship, which started in 2021, will end at the end of the season. Since the Spark Racing Technologies-built hydrogen prototype had its first successful shakedown last month, work is still ongoing.

When asked about the future of Extreme E, Welch told Motorsport.com, “If you’d asked that question two years ago, it would have probably been both.”

Tests are going on right now with the Extreme H prototype. The final will be in 25.” Extreme E will end at the end of the year 24.

“It’s a different car, a different championship, but the same rules.” Extreme E will stop the way it is.”

Later, Welch, who used to be the boss of the Formula Ford team, said that problems with logistics had nothing to do with the choice to end Extreme E’s four-year run.

His words to Motorsport.com were, “We’re not making any plans to continue with Extreme E, although we could.”

“It could happen if I got the call to do a series in Saudi Arabia or Europe.”

“Having two championships at the same venue isn’t good for business. It’s nice that you can run two championships with one support, but you don’t get twice the value for your money.”

“You’re only running one race this weekend.” Do our viewers care if it’s an E or a H? Some won’t be, but some will.

“The clear remit is H in ’25, E stops this year, although there will still be cars and infrastructure there.”

Welch also said that the hydrogen prototype would probably appear at an Extreme E event “near the end of the calendar.”

“At some point, you’ve got to bear in mind that we have to press the button on the car production and that will have to be in early to middle of the year,” he said.

“Then we’ll have 10 or 12 cars being produced and supplied to teams at the end of this year.”

Extreme E has set the dates for five events in 2024, the first of which will occur in Saudi Arabia from February 17th to 18th.

After an unannounced second round, Sardinia will host two double-header events in September on consecutive weekends. The season will end in Phoenix in November.

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