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Greg Tomb, Zoom’s president, was fired for no apparent reason

Greg Tomb, Zoom's president, was fired for no apparent reason

Zoom, a company that specializes in video conferences, recently fired Greg Tomb, a former executive at Google.

Mr. Tomb’s contract was abruptly terminated “without cause”, according to the company in a regulatory filing.

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The businessman had been actively participating in earnings calls and supervising company sales since he took over the position in June 2022.

A Zoom representative stated that the tech company is not in need of a replacement.

Zoom was founded in 2011 by current CEO Eric Yuan, who oversaw its meteoric rise to prominence during the pandemic. Mr. Tomb reported directly to Yuan.

As people were forced to stay inside, their time in front of screens increased, and so did the popularity of Zoom.

There were weddings and funerals held on Zoom, and by April 2020, the company estimated that 300 million people were using Zoom each day.

Mr. Yuan, when announcing Mr. Tomb’s appointment, remarked that “Greg is a highly respected technology industry leader and has deep experience in helping to scale companies at critical junctures.”

Mr. Tomb expressed his excitement at joining the team, saying that he was looking forward to “driving growth” as companies all over the world address their communications needs.

However, the company has had a rough go of it recently, as it has struggled to keep up with its global boom and, like many others in the tech industry, has had to lay off employees.

Zoom’s headcount tripled in just two years during the pandemic, but the company had to lay off 15%, or 1,300 people, in February due to falling demand.

Mr. Yuan admitted that the company had not spent enough time conducting an in-depth analysis of its teams or determining whether or not it was growing sustainably, with the highest priorities in mind.

Zoom may lose out to competitors like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Slack as businesses look to save money in the current economic climate.

In an effort to broaden its customer base, Zoom is exploring new product lines. It has been planning to add a chatbot and calendar integration as well as email support since last year. In addition, we are hard at work on Zoom Sports.

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