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Makeup is Meghan Markle’s Newest Interest

Makeup is Meghan Markle's Newest Interest

Amid a royal PR problem, Meghan Markle created the Instagram account for her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, earlier this month. Many were curious about why this announcement was made and what the brand was.

The company has previously filed trademark applications for “jellies, jams; marmalades” in addition to cookbooks, tablecloths, stationery, place cards, and the like, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records that were available at the announcement. Markle appears to have much larger sales goals beyond nut butter, though. The Daily Mail stated on Monday that the brand’s trademark extension encompasses hair care items, bath salts, shower gels, perfume sachets, cosmetics, and more. There will be a plethora of soap, lotions, oils, and yoga mats. This isn’t limited to human consumption, either. The same company is also trademarking shampoo and conditioner for pets.

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Probably Meghan agrees that this set of items is “perfect” and “genuine to her,” as well.


What are Meghan Markle’s favorite makeup products?

Meghan has never publicly shared her entire makeup routine, but some products rumored to be in her beauty bag include Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Maybelline Lash Lift Mascara, and Charlotte Tilbury Beach Balm for a natural flush of color.

How does Meghan Markle keep her skin so glowy?

Meghan reportedly uses a hydrating moisturizer and facial oil to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. She also avoids excessive sun exposure and gets enough sleep, both of which are important for maintaining healthy skin.

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