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Rimac Sells Two Additional Nevera Hypercar EVs to Americans

Rimac Sells Two Additional Nevera Hypercar EVs to Americans

Today, Rimac announced the shipment of two additional Nevera hypercar electric vehicles to clients in Naples, Florida.

They were acquired by the Triple F Collection and the Ash Crest Collection, two of the most prestigious auto collections in the United States.

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Dave, Jordan, and Jason Frecka have amassed over 190,000 Instagram followers thanks to their collection of 40 of the world’s most exotic supercars and hypercars, known as the Triple F Collection. Our collection of luxury automobiles now includes a Nevera with a Pearlescent finish, Light Blue leather seats, and a Dark Blue interior to complement our existing Bugattis and Ferraris.

Meanwhile, a Stratos Blue Nevera in a Stage 2 carbon finish in glossy tinted Cyan was delivered to the Ash Crest Collection. It features a striking color contrast thanks to the white leather seats with yellow stitching and the graphite paint job and yellow brake calipers that complement the Infiniti alloys.

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On June 17, “The Event III,” organized by Triple F Foundation, and benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, served as the venue for the official transfer.

These are the second and third Neveras to be delivered to clients in the United States, and Rimac anticipates delivering many more to American buyers this year and next.

Mate Rimac added his thoughts on Neveras’ arrival on the American market:

“The US market has been instrumental in the development and success of Nevera, and we’re honored to see that our cars are being delivered into the collections of real automotive enthusiasts. The Ash Crest Collection and Triple F Collection are comprised of the rarest and most admired performance cars in the world right now, and it’s a great endorsement of what we’ve spent years developing and refining, that they feel Nevera deserves a place among them.”

Last week, Manhattan Motorcars delivered the very first Rimac Nevera to a buyer in the United States.


How many Neveras have been sold to Americans in total?

As of June 2023, Rimac has sold a total of 3 Neveras to Americans. The first Nevera was sold to a customer in California in 2022, and the second Nevera was sold to a customer in Florida in 2023. The two Neveras that were just sold are the first to be delivered to customers in the US in 2023.

How much does Neveras cost?

Neveras start at $2.5 million. The two Neveras that were just sold were priced at $2.6 million and $2.7 million, respectively.

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