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Someone Created a Wallet Based on the Mac OS X Folder Icon

Someone Created a Wallet Based on the Mac OS X Folder Icon

Check out your Mac’s desktop for a second. You probably made a half-hearted attempt to organize your digital life, and as a result, it’s probably full of lots of folders with confusing names containing random data. Add one more blue folder to the pileup without labels, but this one is pocket-sized.

A fun IRL homage to the one thing preventing your Apple computer from descending into complete digital chaos, this folder icon wallet was designed by New York-based artist and designer Nikolas Bentel. However, you won’t be able to give it a haphazard name to remember what’s inside.

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In fact, the Untitled Folder Wallet has three distinct compartments, each of which can store up to four credit cards, driver’s licences, other plastic cards, or a combination of other small items like receipts, business cards, and paper currency.

Vegan leather was used in its construction so that no animals were harmed for the sake of humor; the leather has a duotone sheen that mimics the macOS icon’s three-dimensional appearance, and it has matching stitching. You can’t get rid of it, but you can misplace it; perhaps in the future, there will be a model with a pouch on the outside to store an AirTag. However, there is a small chance that will occur, as Bentel only intends to sell 500 of these online. To get one, you’ll need $49 and the willingness to wait five to six weeks for production and shipping.

Check it out or buy the wallet here.

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