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Toyota Previewed EV Sports Car, Crossover

Toyota Previewed EV Sports Car, Crossover

Toyota showed two fully electric concept cars on Monday. The designs look new and well-coordinated, and they may be a sign that production models are coming later this decade.

Both concepts will debut at the Tokyo car show this month and focus on how mobility is becoming “a lifestyle partner closely aligned with each customer’s values.”

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Description of “One of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era” FT-Se. This doesn’t say if this is one of Toyota’s choices for the EV transition or if it’s one of several electric sports cars that are in the works.

The FT-Se is wide and low, but its dimensions are unknown. An immersive driving experience with kneepads and a soft instrument panel are its features.

The outside of the closely similar FT-3e crossover SUV is “as simple as possible.” Both varieties have creases and curves down their sides and blown-out rear wheel wells.

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A lot of people say that the FT-3e offers “personalized services powered by innovative technologies,” but no one has given any examples yet. As the driver approaches the FT-3e, displays on the outside show information about the battery charge, the temperature inside, and the quality of the air. While not currently in production, other EV models have this functionality.

Toyota is also planning to launch a flagship electric vehicle in Tokyo by 2027-28

Toyota has recently planned for its solid-state electric vehicle batteries to be ready for commercial use by 2027 or 2028. A future flagship electric vehicle that the corporation hinted at in May may also premiere in Tokyo. A 2025 U.S. three-row electric SUV is also planned.

At the same time, these announcements haven’t included a deeper commitment to EVs in terms of volume. This is because some information suggests that Toyota’s real volume EV push won’t happen until around 2028, which means the company has an entire car cycle ahead of it before it gets serious about committing to battery-electric models. The fact that the US decided last month to sell hybrids without charging ports as “hybrid EVs” doesn’t mean that real EVs are coming any faster. The car business may display a real-world upgrade in Tokyo using these concepts.


What is Toyota’s plan for electric vehicles?

Toyota has committed to investing $70 billion in electric vehicles by 2030. The company plans to launch 30 new electric vehicles by the end of the decade, including a variety of sedans, SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles.

When will Toyota’s first electric sports car and crossover be available?

Toyota has not yet announced a release date for its first electric sports car or crossover. However, the company has said that it plans to launch a flagship electric vehicle in Tokyo by 2027-28. It is possible that this vehicle could be the electric sports car or crossover that Toyota previewed.

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