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Wireless Charging Company Wiferion sold by Tesla

Wireless Charging Company Wiferion sold by Tesla

To start with the confirmed deal, both Puls and Wiferion made comments about the new owners.

Puls, a company that makes power electronics, writes, “Wireless charging expert Wiferion becomes our new business unit Puls Wireless.” Wiferion’s customers will gain from our engineering resources and ability to help with production and applications all over the world.

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US blogs talk about The Robot Report, calling Tesla’s purchase more of an “acquire-hiring” situation. Tesla hasn’t said anything yet, and both Puls and Wiferion haven’t addressed it. It looks like the car company kept Wiferion’s tech team on and only sold Puls its operations and manufacturing business.

This also makes sense when you think about how Tesla and Wiferion/Puls usually move in different areas. Tesla recently hinted at a wireless charging station for the home. Wiferion, on the other hand, comes from industrial uses like charging systems for robots, trucks, and driverless transportation systems.

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Puls confirmed that they would be going after the same markets and said that the purchase would help them offer “future-proof solutions to the manufacturing and intralogistics industries with our FIEPOS (Field Power Supply) and inductive charging systems.”

Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director and owner of Puls said that Wiferion had “successfully developed inductively charging to maximize the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as autonomous guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots, and forklifts, and thereby gained the leading market position.”

Another comment backs up the “acqui-hiring” or “poaching” case. Julian Seume, who used to be CSO of Wiferion and now runs the Puls Wireless Business Unit with Matthieu Ebert, said, “Puls employs more than 100 of the best developers in the industry and has global production and sales locations that take our charging technology and scalability to a new level.”

According to Seume, the company is “in a much stronger position now” because Puls is helping to create new products and support applications.

Wiferion established Puls Wireless and a Freiburg, Germany, operating team after the sale.

After Tesla’s Dutch business bought Wiferion in July 2023, the company used to be called Tesla Engineering Germany GmbH. Reports at the time said that Tesla International B.V. might have paid $76 million, which is about €68.9 million. In its Q2 report, the car company talked about the amount in the “business combinations” section.

Tesla, Wiferion, and Puls haven’t said how much this new purchase is worth.

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