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Does the Tesla Universal Wall Connector Charge EVs Best?

Does the Tesla Universal Wall Connector Charge EVs Best?

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is different from every other tool for charging EVs. With the built-in Magic Dock, it can charge any electric car sold in North America without the need for an adapter from a third party.

At the moment, no other tools for charging electric cars can do that. Now that the industry has started to switch to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), the Universal Wall Connector will be a very popular choice because of how flexible it is.

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I tried out the Universal Wall Connector two months before anyone else, and this article is my full review of it.

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is exactly the same as the standard Tesla Wall Connector. It is a high-powered, 48-amp smart charger that is tied to wifi and can send up to 11.5 kilowatts to the car. It has power that can be changed, so the installer can lower the output down to 12 amps if needed to help people who don’t have enough power to charge higher rates. The Tesla Universal Wall Connector can also share electricity with up to six other Wall Connectors.

It has a thin wire that is 13.4 millimeters wide and 24 feet long. It is rated NEMA-3R for outdoor use. But, like Tesla’s normal Wall Connector, it doesn’t come with a plug and needs to be mounted and wired permanently. The charger is easy to set up. All you have to do is join the wall mounting bracket, connect the three wires, and tighten the four screws on the main body of the charger.

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Key Features of the Tesla Universal Wall Connector

Price: $595.00
Dimensions: 13.75” x 6.0” x 5.75”
48-amp (11.5kW)
Adjustable output 12-A to 48-A
24’ Cable
NACS/J1772 Connector
Powershare with up to 6 other Wall Connectors
NEMA-3 Enclosure
Operating Temp: 122˚F to -22 (50° C to -30˚C)
WIFI Connected Smart Charger
ETL Certified
4-Year Warranty
Made in Taiwan

I put the Universal Wall Connector through my thorough testing process, which included a new test: the extreme heat test. I passed every test I gave it. It looks like a well-designed and made product that should last a long time, and Tesla’s four-year promise, which is longer than the warranties on most EV chargers, shows that the company is sure it will.

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector got the best score I’ve ever given on ChargerRater, which was 97 points. Its power, quality, and performance in hot and cold conditions make it a good value for $595.00.

The new app to handle the Universal Wall Connector isn’t ready yet, so I couldn’t review it. The app should be ready before people start getting their Units, and I’ll review it as soon as it’s ready.

Tesla’s website is now taking pre-orders for the Universal Wall Connector, and the company says it will ship them in October.

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